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Summer Season’s got started in Sicily!

Giugno 23rd, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Summer Season’s got started in Sicily!”

Despite the difficulties of the last months, that all the world has been facing, we’re happy to announce the great start of the Season 2020!
Our enchanting Aeolian Islands have already welcomed the first 50-mts yacht coming to enjoy the beautiful nature of our land!
We are ready, with our team, our top quality assistance and our magic Sicily!
Let’s get started together with The Artemis Group!


The perfect Sicilian-style welcome in Riposto!

Giugno 17th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “The perfect Sicilian-style welcome in Riposto!”

Our Concept Store inside the Marina of Riposto is wellknown in the yacht industry to be a special point of contact between our staff and the crew of the Yachts calling the lovely town of Riposto.

The concept of the store is offering a wide range of local products: by changing the rules about wines, perfumes, sweets, luxury waters, peace of arts and interiors objects – all 100%made in Sicily – we give you the chance to discover unknown ‘pieces’ of Sicily and to find a great help for the ‘last second’ requests, so frequent while the charter is already on!

Our weekly parties, with aperitives and typical sicilian tapas, then, are the perfect occasions to give you a taste of our special hospitality and to make stronger relantioships between us and our friends/customers as well!

So, why not join us for a warm welcome in our store in Riposto?

We’re waiting for you!


Tourism in Sicily is culture: don’t miss it!

Giugno 8th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Tourism in Sicily is culture: don’t miss it!”

Tourism in Sicily is culture: it is an old claim used by the Sicilian Tourism Organization, but very effective though!
In fact, so many people that choose Sicily as a charter destination are interested not only in its natural beauty, on its cuisine and on the glamour of some locations, but, above all, to its unique cultural heritage.
We are really happy to announce that more than the 80% of public and private Monuments in Sicily are already open after the lockdown, and, together with the main attractions of the island, they are offering the ultimate anti-Covid measures.
Greek Theaters, Archeological parks, Museums, Temples, Noble Palaces, Castles: all open to visitors. All around Sicily.
The Greek Theater of Taormina registered a lot of visitors on the first day of opening.
This doesn’t mean that the place was crowded or not safe. On the contrary: the access was very well organized with advance booking, temperature checks at the entrance and visitors had a lot of space.
Tourism in Sicily is culture: don’t miss the chance to have at your side professional experts, born and raised in Sicily as The Artemis Group team, as no other agencies in Sicily!