Yachting Services in Sicily

The Artemis Group is a registered shipping agency commited to provide a wide range of professional services exclusively dedicated to the yachting industry in Sicily.

Thanks to our network of qualified agent, located in the main Sicilian ports, we can handle any request with personal attention and
responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

Our staff offers the highest quality assistance in order to support yacht captains and crew in satisfying any requirements from their
guests and management companies.

Our hub office is always ready to assist you as far as any aspect of your cruise around Sicily concerns, preparing the perfect itineraries and
coordinating the operational and administrative activities before, during and after your journey.

The Artemis Group pays special attention to the yachts crew and captains.

In fact, we have prepared a special package of services entirely dedicated both to the captains and the crewmembers free time.

The aim of this package is to make their stay enjoyable and to let them become acquainted with the well known Sicilian hospitality.

Sicilians have always been renowned for their hospitality.
Sicilian people are proud of their native land and love to show it off.
Led by an entirely Sicilian team, the Artemis Group unites experience and professionalism in order to showcase the pleasures of Sicily.
For us Sicily is more than a market, it is our home.
Let us show you our home

Our Staff

Francesco Diana

Carmelinda Genovese

Giuseppe Rodante

Claudia Traina

Giuseppe Di Girolamo

Alex Scillia

Marion Tournier

Samokhvalova Galina

Samantha Massari

Piero Saltalamacchia

Claudio Lo Monaco

Elizabeth Pamittan

Giuseppe Bianca

Elisabetta Profilio

Mary Natoli